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ugge has been coming along very nice and it’s very easy to use but I’ve run across a problem. I’ve coded the scene graph nodes to have a number of default objects like a vector for position and a rect for size and objects for all kinds of other things. each node allocated 9 object by default. the problem is that on phones, that’s a lot of objects for the monkey GC to handle. I was finding that I couldn’t use a node for a lot sprites or for sure couldn’t use them for particles. I could only do about 400 nodes until my frame rate dropped while I can process and draw a couple thousand if I stuck to native datatypes.

So, I’ve decided to refactor my base node and ‘unroll’ the component objects right into the base class. this will take some time to do, bummer!

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ugge Framework for Monkey

I’ve been having some great success with my framework lately and things are coming together very nicely. I put a bug report on the forum and Mark said it’s an undocumented feature! this is great as that was the answer I was looking for. so that and his recent changes to generics mean I’m going to go back and rewrite/refactor a few things.