Texpac by David Maziarka is an application that will pack gfx files up into one image. It can be used for sprites, textures, animation strips and bitmap fonts and is often referred as a texture packer or sprite atlas.  There are 2 resulting in files, one .png and one .pac file that contains the coordinates of each packed image.

Features and Benefits:

  • Keeping your gfx in a pac means you only have to incbin one file. this can help you to be more organized.
  • Bitmap fonts.
  • Basic experimental graphic filters
  • Loads png, jpeg and bmp.
  • Fully alpha transparency capable.
  • Fonts can be spaced such as to give room for modification in a paint program.
  • You can create spacer rects. useful when creating an image strip for a toolbar in MaxGUI
  • Save the project you’re working on for later modification.
  • Easy to use export file
  • BlitzMax module, load and draw the images and the fonts.
  • Monkey import file for draw of images and fonts
  • Performance, this module’s draw routines can be 2x faster than the Blitz DrawImage on many cards.
  • The font drawing can is up 2x faster on almost all cards.

Here is a short little tutorial to get you started.

Texpac Application ~(1.1mb) win exe
Texpac Source ~(1.1mb) bmx src zip
Monkey pacimage source with example ~(0.2mb) win/mac zip
BlitzMax pacimage mod ~(0.2mb) win zip mac zip
supports OpenGL, DirectX 7 and DirectX 9
pre-compiled verison only – source available for purchase, ask in the forum
DX9 made possible through Doug Stastny’s BlitzMax DX9 driver (optional)
ssImage2 example ~(0.4mb) win exe mac zip
ssImage2 w/DX9 example ~(0.4mb) win exe
ssFont example ~(0.7mb) win exe mac zip
drawtext2 example ~(0.7mb) win zip mac zip
with source and media



Hi, TexPac looks interesting. Could you please compile a version for Linux? The Windows version does not work properely under wine.


I’d be interested in getting a Linux version compiled as well, I have a friend making a game that I’m supporting through tools like these, and it would be nice to get it available across all three BlitzMax platforms.


I’ve not done any development on texpac for quite some time. Also, I don’t have a Linux environment. Maybe I can release the source if people can put it to use?

That would be much appreciated! I’d be happy to compile a Linux version to provide back to you to put on the site here for download. I’m not much of a developer myself, but my friend is, and he may even welcome having the source available to tinker with.

This game he’s working on is just for fun and not for profit, so I’m sure he’d appreciate it as well!


Yeah, me too… I a Linux version or the source would be very much appreciated.

Rick Cory

Yes, please either release a Linux version or source, I love your utility!


The problem is getting it to compile with the later versions of max means some changes… Anybody know a complete distro that max will run with? Something I can run off a USB stick… ?


Ubuntu 12.04 should be runnable from a USB stick, but you do have to do quite a bit of work to get it set up, and not sure if you can get that work to be ‘saved’ if you do the USB stick route, but perhaps. Info for getting BlitzMax running on Linux is available on the BlitzMax support forum at:



I’ll finish wrapping up the source this weekend and post it.


Awesome, would be most appreciated!

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