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I was having the worst time trying to get 2 columns to work right. Then I ran it through a validator and found a h2 tag close with an h3 tag and a div not closed. I’m feeling much better now!

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Bah twenty ten

I was finding it difficult to find the right css elements when modifying the twenty ten theme… I got a little frustrated and decide just to build the theme from the ground up. I’m starting with just the required php from twenty ten and a completely blank css file. I have a good idea what I want it to look like so hopefully this won’t be too difficult for someone new to WordPress.

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I imported all my posts from the old site.

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New theme

So I had a busy weekend but I did manage to modify and skin the WordPress 3.0 theme Twenty Ten. Still have a bunch to do so my WP site is still not public.

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While my playing around with WordPress has been a lot fun, I’ve not been able to find a theme that I really like for the site. I was thinking about creating my own from using the Rocks as inspiration especially since it already looks like a WP theme… and it just looks pretty great IMO. Thinking about it though, I’ve want something a little more generic and also the orange banner, which I love, can’t stay because it clashes with the ooeyug logo which I want on the banner.