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Texpac Pro?

I plan on offering a “Pro” or enhanced version of Texpac. The basic version will remain free of charge but I will probably charge for this enhanced version, maybe about $8 or something. This new version will have some basic image filters for things that I now do in paint programs like drop shadows, outlines and glows. I find it too much work to always have to go into a paint program and create selections for all my fonts. In Texpac Pro, it’s just one click to add a nice drop shadow or outline with an alpha channel.

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Texpac compiled for 1.26

PacImage mod compiled under BlitzMax 1.26. The imbedded DirectX9 driver written by Doug Stastny, shows a nice boost in performance even though it already was a lot faster than BlitzMax’s default Direct7 driver. DX9 performance is now almost as fast as OpenGl performance.