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Rock v2 on Steam Greenlight


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Announcing Rocks 2!

This is an update to my 2009 asteroid shooter.  Below are some of the enhancements.

  • New Enemies
  • Boss fights
  • 2 additional player ships
  • Training best scores
  • End game
  • End game bonuses
  • Graphic and lighting enhancements
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Youtube video

I published a video of game play on youtube here.

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Rocks review

Indie Flux wrote up the game here.

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Rocks v1.0.2

some minor bug fixes.

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Rocks update

v1.0.1, fixed cursor key menu navigation in the “New Game” menu. Changed the “Quit” menu

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Finally ready! I Cleared the leaderboard and made the Widows and Intel Mac download links active.

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No Rocks today

A release today is not looking great… I have one bug that only shows up on Mac. Also there is one enhancement I need to finish.

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Rocks Release

I should be able to release Rocks on or before April 19th.