Welcome to the Texpac website!

Texpac: - Oct 5, 2008
Uploaded new PacImage module compiled under BlitzMax 1.30. It includes the ability to change color mid string in DrawText. While I have added some basic image filters, I've not done much more work on Texpac since I've not had many request and at the moment it does what I needed.

Texpac: - Oct 14, 2007
I plan on offering a "Pro" or enhanced version of Texpac. The basic version will remain free of charge but I will probably charge for this enhanced version, maybe about $8 or something. This new version will have some basic image filters for things that I now do in paint programs like drop shadows, outlines and glows. I find it too much work to always have to go into a paint program and create selections for all my fonts. In Texpac Pro, it's just one click to add a nice drop shadow or outline with an alpha channel.

Texpac: - Oct 1, 2007
PacImage mod compiled under BlitzMax 1.26. The imbedded DirectX9 driver written by Doug Stastny, shows a nice boost in performance even though it already was a lot faster than BlitzMax's default Direct7 driver. DX9 performance is now almost as fast as OpenGl performance.

Texpac: - Sept 16, 2007
Added callbacks to the DrawText in the BlitzMax mod so you can do this: callback test

Texpac: - Sept 15, 2007
I have decided Texpac is going to be free but if you find it useful there is a button below for donations. :)

I started a tutorials page. Right now it just has basic documentation for Texpac.

Texpac: - Sept 11, 2007
v.93, I re-wrote the the font selector because the performance of the previous one was terrible. this one I'm quite proud of. it only sees ttf fonts and I still have to do things like when hitting a letter it moves the selector to a font that starts with that letter or cursor keys...

Texpac: - Sept 9, 2007
The previous version of the demo executable had the fmod.dll linked to it... that now fixed. v.92 with a custom font selector is now up. Still some work to do on it, it takes a while on some machines to go though the system font directory using bah.fontconfig. I need to either add a progress bar or just do it raw?

Texpac: - Sept 8, 2007
Site goes live!

Added Texpac PC demo. I still have some Mac examples to add. If there is a Mac BlitzMax programmer who has/can make a "RequestFile" that allows multiple selection, I'll trade you for it!

Module: - Sept 5, 2007
Added a DX9 test example.

Module: - Sept 4, 2007
Worked on the text capabilities of the module. Now TPacImage.DrawText uses SetHandle to determine how the whole text is drawn instead of just the individual characters. So now SetRotation and SetScale work as expected but you still have the option of just using those to modify the individual characters.

Mac: - Sept 4, 2007
Tested some examples on a old mac G4 laptop... ssFont fps went from 80 to 130 while ssImage2 only saw a 5-10 fps increase. I will post those PPC exes.

Hmmm: - Sept 4, 2007
It seems while many gfx cards gain some real performance when using a single texture in BlitzMax some cards do not gain. But almost all cards do see a pretty good gain when using bitmap fonts though. Here's the discussion...

Live: - Sept 3, 2007
Start on website.

Texpac is an application written by David Maziarka that will pack gfx files up into one image. It can be used for sprites, textures, animation strips and bitmap fonts. There are 2 resulting in files, one .png and one .pac file that contains the coordinates of each packed image.

Features and Benefits:
  • Just the basics, it doesn't do any editing. that's what a paint program is for.
  • Keeping your gfx in a pac means you only have to incbin one file. this can help you to be more organized.
  • Loads png, jpeg and bmp.
  • Fully alpha transparency capable.
  • Fonts can be spaced such as to give room for modification in a paint program.
  • You can create spacer rects. useful when creating an image strip for a toolbar in MaxGUI
  • Save the project you're working on for later modification.
  • Easy to use export file
  • BlitzMax module, load and draw the images and the fonts.
  • Performance, this module's draw routines can be 2x faster than the Blitz DrawImage on many cards.
  • The font drawing can is up 2x faster on almost all cards.
Texpac is free for personal or commercial use, but please feel free to donate if you find it useful.
$5 would be awesome!

Tepac Application~(1.1mb)win exemac zip (soon)
BlitzMax pacimage mod~(0.2mb)win zipmac zip
supports OpenGL, DirectX 7 and DirectX 9
pre-compiled verison only - source available for purchase, ask in the forum
DX9 made possible through Doug Stastny's BlitzMax DX9 driver (optional)

ssImage2 example~(0.4mb)win exemac zip
ssImage2 w/DX9 example~(0.4mb)win exe
ssFont example~(0.7mb)win exemac zip
drawtext2 example~(0.7mb)win zipmac zip
with source and media

11/09/2007 - Version 0.93 - new custom font selector 07/09/2007 - Version 0.91
  • Fixed: bug when displaying image in split window the canvas was not sized correctly.
  • Added: move frame up/down in animation set.
04/09/2007 - Version 0.90 is ready